5 Gifts to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

 Are you looking for gifts to relieve stress and anxiety? We've got what you need to find the perfect stress relief gifts in 2022. 

Gifts to relieve stress and anxiety are now welcome for any birthday or holiday occasion. Because, let's face it, we have all been under a lot of pressure the last few years. 

Despite being a laid back bunch, us Australians have all been pretty stressed out. The NIB places the figures at 72 per cent (those reporting an impact on physical health) and 64 per cent (mental health).  Fortunately, we here at Journey of Something have five tried-and-true stress and anxiety busting activities.

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

One of the best stress-relieving gifts for her (or him) is the traditional jigsaw puzzle. As we all know, Jigsaw puzzles depict images or illustrations that are cut into hundreds or even thousands of pieces. They work to relieve stress and anxiety by causing the mind to focus on a singular activity. In so doing, you shut out distractions and focus only on the effort involved. Your can puzzle alone or with family and friends. Jigsaw puzzles are something a lot of people rediscovered during lockdown. The boredom of lockdowns and unpredictable store hours sent many of us back to the kitchen table and some specialty businesses soared in popularity as a result. Jigsaw puzzles traditionally come in two-dimensional designs. In the last 20 years, however, the three-dimensional puzzle has made headway in the market with choices that include everyone from generic companies to major intellectual property holders, such as Disney.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle stack

2. Paint By Numbers

Another awesome option for a relaxing gift idea idea for the overworked: "Paint By Numbers" . There are many digital Paint By Numbers Applications that people play on their smartphone through platforms like Apple and Android. However, nothing beats the real thing. There's nothing quite as invigorating as sitting down with an image in your lap and engaging with it in a tactile manner. Paint By Numbers art projects not only give you some dedicated “me-time”, but they are also great for realising your inner artist! The concept of "Paint By Numbers," of course, is that you use one colour for each section of an image that bears a corresponding number. Some projects will tell you which colours to use while others may offer suggestions but leave the ultimate choices up to you. And you do not have to a complete a whole Paint by Numbers project in one sitting. Leave it out on the table and complete a single colour or a small section every time you need to relieve some stress or anxiety. 

paint by numbers kits for creativity and the relief of stress and anxiety

3. Brain Games

So many different types of brain games exist today! There's something for just about everyone. Among the best game gifts to reduce anxiety are dice games, such as 4-in-a-row or Snakes & Ladders; strategy games (Checkers and Chess); or playing card games (either the solitude of Solitaire or the competitiveness of Rummy). 

Those options are classics. However, you'll also find options that appeal to a person's favourite genre of book, movie, or even television program. Our personal favourites are The Guess Who Range – The Doggy, The Feline or The Politician – sure to improve your general knowledge and provide laughter.

All these game encourage socialisation thereby helping you to relax. 

3 in one board games for families

4. Journaling 

Journaling is an activity that helps you focus your attention in a variety of ways. That could mean on the past, the future, or as a means of gaining a hold on the present.

When a person sits down to journal, they feel like they have "permission" to express themselves in a way that is raw, honest, and private. They have a chance to say all the things they may never say aloud (nor, in some cases, should they). Journaling can be joyous, sad, angry, nervous, or uncertain. No matter which emotion the journalist follows, it's always productive in the clarity that it brings.  Make journaling fun for that special someone in your life by gifting them something that keeps with their specific moods and preferences. Again, you might turn to preferred characters, themes, or just design patterns that are appealing to the eye.

Matching the journal to the person is the goal. That creates the creative space that will encourage the free flow of thoughts. We recently introduced a unique variant to journaling 100 lined pages for your notes, lists, recipes, doodles, poems, thoughts and to dos. Plus 30 fun crosswords all in one neat book. Only the best Crossword topics, like Netflix, Sandwiches and Iconic Woman. Keep an eye out for our new Creativity Journal coming soon!

5. Sparkle Art Kits

We may have saved the best for last depending on your preferences. Fans of the jigsaw puzzle will find a lot of fun familiarity in Sparkle Art Kits. These use an adhesive canvas and colourful, sparkling beads or even diamonds to produce stunning images that are worthy of hanging on a wall.

Sparkle Art Kits force the individual to slow down and take time and care with the completion of the image. They give the art-maker a wonderful opportunity to unplug from the stressors of their day and lose themselves in a masterpiece of their own making. 

Thanks to the smallness of the colours included, the kits are not something meant to be rushed. As with jigsaw puzzles, the larger images can take many hours to complete. They're also ideal for setting aside when one has to and revisiting at another point. 

sparkle art kit for beginners

These Gifts to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Will Put Everyone at Ease

We all have pressures in our work and home lives we must address. We hope our 5  gifts ideas to relieve stress and anxiety will help you explore new ways of helping your friends and family cope with the stressors of life. And, it's our wish that you find some time to treat yourself. 

We are female-founded, Australian-owned, and completely dedicated to artful methods of relaxing the mind, beautifying your living quarters, and celebrating emerging artists and their work. Shop today! 

Looking for something unique and specially designed for the busy and over-worked mind? You'll find it at Journey of Something, so check out our whole collection now.

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