Cool Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

Join our Cool Jigsaw Puzzle challenge!

Here's how it works. 

Grab some friends, we think at least 3 friends works best - the more the merrier.
You all order the same Journey of Something jigsaw puzzles. You can use 500 piece puzzles or 1000 piece puzzles for your competition. Purchase your 500 or 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles as a bundle if you want to save, however please note they will all be went to the same address. For purchases of more than 3 puzzles, please email us at info@journeyofsomething for a discount code. 

Once you all receive your puzzle, set a start time or date. Then the race is on! The first person to finish their jigsaw puzzle wins! The winner must prove they have finished their entire puzzle by sending a picture of themselves with the completed jigsaw puzzle to the Cool Jigsaw Puzzle challenge WhatsApp group (because if it doesn’t have a WhatsApp group did it ever even happen!?)

And guess what, Journey of Something will sponsor your jigsaw puzzle tournament by providing a $15 voucher to the winner.

Just make sure to register your jigsaw puzzle competition before you start. In order to register, after you order your jigsaw puzzles, just send us an email to with your Journey of Something Order number(s). Then, email us the winner's photo and a $15 voucher will be all theirs! 

*Terms and Conditions below. 

This is a really fun thing to do with friends during ISO. And of course, you can all frame your jigsaw puzzles after you are done. Or pass your puzzles onto the next group of mates.

How hard do you want your puzzle competition to be? For those who are up for a real challenge choose from some of our harder designs:

If you want to keep it quick then here are some jigsaw puzzles that are easier to complete:


Want to try a competition using Sparkle Art? Who can finish their sparkle art first? We are game if you are. Just let us know if you and your friends prefer Sparkle Art!


 * In order to register for the competition, you must provide evidence that you have purchased at least 3 of the same Journey of Something puzzle on or after the 3rd of August 2021. Evidence must be provided by way of emailing with the relevant order numbers.  Competition does not apply to mini puzzles or wholesale orders. Journey of Something reserves the right to refuse entry to the competition if it believes the jigsaw puzzles were purchased for a reason other than participation in the Cool Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge.  Competition closes on the 30th September 2021.

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