What is Sparkle Art?

All your Sparkle Art Questions Answered

(And btw, the official term is Diamond Painting)

So, you thought we were all about jigsaw puzzles huh? Well, we still love puzzles (with all our hearts). But we love other hobbies too. We love anything mediative that reduces screen time and allows you to use your hands and your brain at the same time… Introducing Sparkle Art. Sparkle Art is the name we have given our kits, but the art form is generally referred to as Diamond Painting. It’s also sometimes referred to as Diamond Dots, Diamond Art or Facet Art. We call it Sparkle Art.

Did you guys Invent Diamond Painting?

We get asked this sometimes. And no, we definitely did not invent Diamond Painting (we wish), but we did re-invent it. Because before Journey of Something, all the diamond painting kits available were a little on the daggy side (in our humble opinion). Not anymore baby!

So, what is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is like paint by numbers of colour by numbers, but instead of using paint or pencils, you cover your canvas with lots of tiny resin facet style beads. The beads are shiny so the end result is absolutely stunning.

How does it work you ask? It’s easy! Your canvas is adhesive so all the beads stick to it. And of course, just like paint by numbers, your canvases is coded so that you know exactly where to stick each bead.

Your kit also comes with a special tool that allows you to easily pick up and place each bead.

Is Diamond Painting hard? Can you Muck It Up?

The great thing about Diamond Art is that anyone, even a beginner, can do it. As long as you stick to the colour key provided your picture will turn out as it is meant to. And don’t worry if you place a bead slightly wrong. You can easy push it into position using the back end of your stylus.

Can I frame my Diamond Art?

You can and you should frame your Diamond Art! And yes, of course we just happen to sell the perfect size frame for Journey of Something Diamond Art, right here.

What images do you have? 

The following three designs now available. 

Diamond Dotz Crystal Art Kit
May Gibbs sparkle art kit
Mosaic Diamond Dots Art
Know you're going to love Diamond Art? Try a bundle

Do Journey of Something Diamond Art Kit Come with Instructions?

The instructions are on the box and here they are: 

  1. Peel back a small section of the clear protective film to reveal a section of your canvas. Do not remove the whole film; the film should be gradually pulled back as you work on each section.
  1. From the revealed area, choose the first symbol you will work on. Locate that same symbol on the Colour Chart in the border of your canvas. The Colour Chart will tell you which DMC colour that symbol relates to. Locate that packet of Sparke Dots.
  1. Poor the packet of Sparkle Dots into the tray.
  2. Press the head of your Stylus firmly into the wax, so that the tip of the stylus fills with wax. Press the head of the Stylus in as many times as necessary, so that the tip is well coated with wax.
  1. Use the sticky wax on the head of the stylus to pick up your first Sparkle Dot from the Tray. Make sure you pick up the Sparke Dot on the round/ faceted side.
  1. Place the flat side of the Sparkle Dot onto the corresponding symbol on the Canvas.The Sparkle Dot will stick to the adhesive canvas.
  1. Continue working on all of that symbol in the section.
  2. When you are finished that symbol/ colour move to the next, until the entire canvas is completed section by section. Reapply wax to the head of your Stylus as often as necessary
  1. In order to maintain the adhesiveness of your canvas, replace the protective film when you are finished working. Also, do not leave your wax exposed to the air or it will dry out.
  1. When your Sparkle Art is completed, place the protective film back on top of the Sparkle Dots. Use a rolling pin to gently roll over the Sparkle Dots to make sure they are all securely stuck to the canvas.
  1. Frame it if you wish. Yay!

For further instructions see here

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