What is the best Puzzle table?

Finding the right place to complete your jigsaw puzzle is crucial. Puzzling involves a lot of bending over, so if you don’t have the right puzzle table set up, you are sure to get a sore back. 

As expert puzzlers, we here at Journey of Something have done our research. We have tried, tested and puzzled our way through every puzzle table and puzzle board out there. After thorough research (we were forced to cancel all Saturday night plans in order to stay home and do jigsaw puzzles), we hereby present to you the very best puzzle board money can buy. 

Why, you make ask, is this the world’s greatest puzzle board?

Reasons our Puzzle Board is the best Puzzle Board in the history of the world (no exaggeration): 

1. It’s angled. Our puzzle Board creates the perfect angled surface so you don’t have to lean all the way over. It’s perfectly ergonomic, for ultimate comfort. Just lay it on any table to create the ultimate puzzle table. Because comfort is king. 

Best Puzzle Table | Puzzle Board

2. Easy to assemble. This puzzle board comes in 8 simple pieces that easily slot together. No instructions required, it’s easy peasy.  Then when you aren’t using it, it comes apart easily and packs away flat. Puzzle Table Australia

3. Special grippy surface. This is our favourite feature of the puzzle board. We use a special wood so that your pieces don’t just slide down (the angled board). No matter where on the puzzle board you place your puzzle piece it will stay put

4. As far as puzzle boards go, this one wins the beauty contest! It’s natural wood finish and sleek design means unlike other puzzle table situations, it will not be an eyesore.

5. All you need is a flat table or surface. Our puzzle board will sit straight on it and create the ultimate puzzling surface. In fact, you don’t even need a table, if you don’t mind a bit of weight on your lap, then you can use our puzzle board in bed or on the coach.

6. Not just a Puzzle Board! Use it for drawing, paint by numbers, sparkle art or any other hobbies that take your fancy.

7. Its the perfect size for a 1000 piece puzzle. A standard 1000 piece puzzle is 50 x 70cm. Our puzzle board is designed especially for this size with a little extra room around the sides for comfort. 

Best Puzzle Table Australia

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