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The Rubik's Cube Reinvented!

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Art Cubes: Where Creativity & Puzzles Collide

We looked at our puzzles and thought to ourselves, why can’t they be three dimensional? And that is how the art cube was born. Our cubes combine artist designed patterns with problem solving to bring you an adult fidget toy that not only works the brain but looks good while you are doing it. Journey of Something art cubes come in 2 difficulty levels. We have picture cubes that require a few more steps in the algorithm that you may already know. A picture cube is where the middle square must be at the correct rotation in order to complete the art cube. An example of a picture cube is our Valencia cube or the Aussie animal cube. See how the middle square must be rotated correctly. For a less challenging art cube try one where the picture does not spread over more than one square of the cube. For example, our Flower Pop cube or Mediterranean cube. Adults Are Allowed Fidget Toys Too As you twist and turn the art cube to reveal the picture, you’re working your brain in good ways and you’re using your hands too. Your efforts are rewarded by improved concentration, spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. Cube puzzles make great gifts for a seasoned cuber or someone who is new to cubing. Even if you don’t know the algorithm to solve an art cube, they make great fidget toys to keep on your desk or anywhere you like to fidget.