We don’t mean to brag, but we are kinda paint by numbers experts around here.

So here are our top tips and tricks for getting the best results out of your Journey of Something paint by numbers kit.

Australian Paint by Numbers Kit

What should I paint first?

We suggest starting on the smallest areas of the canvas first. Hot tip – toothpicks work really well for filling in teeny tiny areas! Then move to the big areas later.

Another good tip is to start at the top of the canvas and work your way down. This will reduce the chance of your hand or arm smudging wet paint, as the drying paint will be above your hand.

 There are also benefits in painting one number at a time - this helps to prevent your paint from drying out, as you aren’t constantly opening and closing various tubs, and it minimises the amount of brush washing you have to do.  

Does my paint by numbers kit need two coats of paint?

That depends what colour paint you are using. A dark coloured paint might only need one layer, whereas lighter coloured paints may need a second coat. A good way to tell if you need a second coat is whether or not you can see the number key through the first layer of paint.

Don’t fancy doing a second layer of paint? In that case, use whiteout to white out the number just before you paint that section. This is a great paint by numbers hack which works perfectly! Just make sure you don’t white out the numbers too early and then forget what colours go where.

My paint has become a bit thick. What do I do?

Make sure to always leave your paint pots well sealed so no air gets in. If your paint does dry up a bit, just had a few drops of water and give it a good mix (a toothpick is good for mixing). Even if your paint hasn’t become too dry, you still might like to add a few drops of water as some people prefer to work with a slightly runnier paint

Should I use an easel for paint by numbers?

You definitely don’t need to use an easel when completing a paint by numbers kit. But if comfort is your thing and if you get a sore back, then we definitely recommend an easel. Once you use an easel for paint by numbers, you will feel kinda professional and its hard to go back to a plain old table.

If you don’t have an easel, we suggest pinning, tacking or taping your canvas down to keep it flat. A good idea is to use some foam board, as your canvas can be easily pinned to foam board and foam board also provides, a good flat surface on which to paint by numbers. The other bonus of attaching your canvas to foam board is that it makes it easily portable, so you can paint by numbers anywhere!

The numbers on my paint by number kit are too small to read

Easy fix - just take picture on your phone and zoom in when you need to. This is also a good habit to get into in case you accidently paint over some numbers you can refer back to the picture.

Wash your brush!

Last but not least, remember to wash your brush thoroughly before moving onto a new colour to avoid contamination.

Finally, take your time and ENJOY!

We hope you love Journey of Something’s Paint by Numbers Kits xxx

Australian Paint by Numbers Kit