Digital Puzzle Series 01, Image 04
Artist in Residence: Sophie Holt 

About the Artist

Sophie Holt was born in New Zealand and grew up in The Netherlands where she completed her degree in Graphic Design.

After returning to New Zealand to discover her ‘roots’, she loved it so much she decided to stay, eventually settling in the beautiful town of Motueka. She set up 'Studio Soph’ and for the last five years, has been lucky enough to live her dream of creating art for a living. 

Her childhood was spent dreaming up fairy tales, building huts and climbing trees. Although her love for drawing has never waned (and she continues to draw on whatever she can get her hands on) clay is now her favourite medium. Sophie inherited this passion from her mother and grandparents who are successful ceramicists in The Netherlands.

Sophie loves to fill her pieces with a myriad of brightly coloured designs; from naked women and bearded men to crazy and quirky creatures.