A Night In with a Taylor Swift Puzzle!

Calling all Swifties, BeyHive members popstar and fashion stans! Have a glamorous ‘Night In’ with our deluxe puzzle featuring music and fashion royalty like Taylor Swift, Elton John, Queen Bey herself and the formidable Anna Wintour!

Taylor Swift Puzzle 

Perfect for a quiet night in as you hum through your favourite Tay Tay tracks, or host a group of your closest pop-loving friends! Who would pass up an invite to do a TayTay puzzle!? Just imagine streaming 1989, Taylor’s Version obviously, and singing along as you piece together her likeness! Her cat even makes into the puzzle!

Beyond the thrill of completing a Taylor Swift puzzle, is the fact that puzzles are actually good for your brain, good for relaxation and the most wholesome way to catch up with friends. It's also a much cheaper night than attending a Taylor Swift concert. Who says you can’t bracelet trade at home over a jigsaw puzzle!? 

Whether you choose to embark on Taylor puzzle journey solo or gather your friends for a sophisticated evening of puzzling and conversation, "A Night In" puzzle promises a great night. It's not just a puzzle, it's a keepsake that celebrates the awesome woman of today (And Elton) and the important role of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and co in contemporary culture.

Beyonce Jigsaw Puzzle

At Journey of Something, we believe that puzzles should be as elegant and engaging as the women who enjoy them. So, Elevate your leisure time with "A Night In" and indulge in the pleasure of assembling a Taylor Swift jigsaw puzzle fit for royalty. Let Taylor and Queen B be your hosts for the evening.

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