How to Frame a Puzzle

How do you frame a jigsaw puzzle? We get asked this all the time.

Find the Right Frame 

The first step is finding a frame that is just the right size for your jigsaw puzzle. A Journey of Something, 1000 piece puzzle is 50 x 70cm. We have made things easy for you by providing the perfect frame here. If you cant find exactly the right sized frame for your puzzle, get a bigger frame then necessary and use an appropriately sized frame mat board. A local framer should be able to help you out with cutting mat board. 

Make Sure your Completed Jigsaw Puzzle is Flat 

This sounds obvious, but sometimes puzzle pieces can be poking up without you noticing. Use your hands to smooth down the pieces to make sure they are pressed in well.  Some people even use a rolling pin!

Glue Your Jigsaw Puzzle 

Stick your puzzle together with a puzzle glue such as Modge Podge. We are big Modge Podge fans around here.  You can frame a puzzle without gluing it, but please us, your puzzle will be much easier to handle once it's glued. After pouring on the glue, use a piece of cardboard or an old credit card to spread it evenly. You may want to use a foam brush. Try to get an even coat. 

Frame Your Jigsaw Puzzle 

Once the glue dries, you should be able to frame your puzzle as per the instructions of the frame provided. Because there are so many different types of frames out there, it's hard to give instructions for every one. But remember to take into account the thickness of your puzzle and the mat board when choosing a frame. Journey of Something frames come with a special adhesive backing to make sure there's no sliding around (and of course instructions, they come with instructions!). 

The Big Jigsaw Puzzle Framing Question

And lastly, the question we know you have all been dying to ask; Is Framing a puzzle cool? The answer - yes, it 100%i s cool! We can't believe you even had to ask. Just look at the photographic evidence below. Need we say more? 

It's all about choosing the right puzzle and the right puzzle frame. We obviously recommend all Journey of Something puzzles (500 Piece Puzzles work just as well as the 1000 Piece Puzzles). 

Here are our staff pics below for best Journey of Something Puzzles to Frame: 

Nicola - I love the 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, Memory Lane for a kid's room or play space. It's a family puzzle/ kid's puzzle so doesn't look too childish. 

Lauren - I'd have to pick the 1000 piece puzzle, Flowerbed by Kimmy Hogan. The colours are very on trend!

  • Hot tip 1- Floating frames are a great idea if your jigsaw puzzle is very thick. 
  • Hot tip 2 - There's a few helpful videos on YouTube on How to frame a jigsaw puzzle and how to glue a puzzle. If you still feel confused head over there!
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Indigenous Puzzle - Puzzle Frame Save



1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Leah Bartholomew



1000 Piece Puzzle - Journey of Something - Eden



1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Adult Puzzle - Picture Puzzle


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