How to Frame a Puzzle

Framing your completed masterpiece allows you to preserve its beauty and display it proudly in your home. We often get asked how best to do this, so here is our expertise advise on how to frame a puzzle.

Preserving Your Jigsaw: A Guide to Frame Selection

The first step is finding a perfectly sized frame for your jigsaw. Our Journey of Something, 1000-piece puzzle is 50 x 70cm when complete. We have made things easy for you by providing the perfect size frame here.  

We also have the perfect sized frame for the Journey of Something 500 Piece puzzle which is 55cm x 38.5cm (finished size of puzzle).

If you have a non Journey of Something Puzzle, firstly, we forgive you. Secondly, if you can't find the right-sized frame for it, choose a frame with bigger dimensions than the puzzle you would like to frame and use an appropriately sized matt board to create a border.

Read on for more tips and tricks on how to frame a jigsaw puzzle.

The Importance of Flattening Your Jigsaw Before Framing

Flattening your jigsaw may sound obvious, but sometimes, pieces can poke up without you noticing. Use your hands to smooth down the pieces to ensure they are pressed down well. You can even use a rolling pin or place heavy books on your puzzle!

How to Glue A Puzzle For Framing 

When you're ready to glue a puzzle for framing, we recommend the following:

  • Stick your pieces together with an adhesive product such as Modge Podge.  
  • Pour the glue onto the completed jigsaw puzzle.
  • After pouring on the adhesive, use a piece of cardboard or an old credit card to spread evenly. 
  • Use a foam brush for an even coat. 

You can frame a puzzle without gluing it, but it will be much easier to handle once you've used an adhesive.

Mounting the Jigsaw

Once the glue dries, you should be able to mount the jigsaw as per the instructions of the particular frame. Regardless of the frame type, consider the thickness of your jigsaw and the matt board.

Our Journey of Something frames have a special adhesive backing to ensure no sliding around and easy-to-read instructions.

And that my friends is how to frame a puzzle. It’s easy!

The Big Question About Framing Your Jigsaws

We know everyone's dying to ask: Is Framing a jigsaw cool? The answer - is yes, it is 100% cool! We can't believe you even had to ask. Just look at the photographic evidence below. Whatever choice you make in design, you're adding a unique style to your home or office for all to enjoy. Need we say more?

It's all about choosing the right style for your desired space. Any Journey of Something design, whether it is a 1000 piece puzzle or a 500 piece puzzle is sure to add pizzazz to any space as all our puzzles are carefully curated and designed by artsists.

Journey of Something's Top Picks for Display-Worthy Designs

Nicola - I love any of the 1000 piece Indigenous art jigsaw puzzles. My current favourite is Journey Home by indigenous Artist Emma Hollingsworth. It even has a little bit of sparkle in it which the light in your home will catch and make it glisten! 

Lauren - My favourite choice is the 1000-piece puzzle Still Life Party by Kristina Forrest. The colours are so happy and you can never have too many Australian floral references in your home.

Out Hot Tips

  • Hot tip 1- Floating frames are a great idea if your jigsaw is thick and requires more space.
  • Hot tip 2 - There are a few helpful videos on YouTube about how to frame and glue a puzzle. These will give you a step-by-step guide if you require a more visual guide on completing your masterpiece ready to hang.

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