Adult Craft Ideas for Home Decor

Our ethos here at Journey of Something is to make things that are not only functional but that also serve as home décor!

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for doing art for art’s sake – but how much better is crafting when you can actually frame and display the results!

So here are our best adult craft ideas for home décor from the Journey of Something range.

Adult Craft Ideas that you can frame - Home Decor

Adult Craft Idea = Home Decor Number One. Paint by Numbers.

Love the idea of creating a painting for your home but lack the um, well, shall we say… talent. Sounds like paint by numbers kits were invented for the likes of you. You totally get to pretend you’re an accomplished painter (we won’t tell) without taking a single art class. We have a selection of carefully curated paint by numbers kits that are all designed to frame and maximise your home décor.

To make things even easier for you, we have the perfect sized paint by numbers frame available for our kit. The frames are very easy to assemble and come with everything you need including instructions. So, as well as saying you are a painter, you can now also say you are a framer.

step 1) Complete your Paint by Numbers kit.

step 2) Frame it.

step 3) Tell all your friends you painted it and framed it yourself.

Step 4) Your friends are blown away by what a creative genius you are.

Paint By Numbers Craft Kits you can frame

Adult Craft Idea = Home Decor Number Two. Sparkle Art.

Sparkle art aka diamond painting or diamond dots is loved by adult crafters everywhere. Sparkle art is the best example of an adult craft activity that you need very little experience or creative ability for, yet produces amazing results! Who doesn’t love an adult craft idea that combines sparkles and home décor!

Look at how good sparkle art looks framed. And pictures don’t even do it justice – the real-life shine is even better!

Once again, we are here to help you trick all your friends into thinking you are the most talented adult crafter in town. You can get the perfect size, easy to assemble diamond dot frame right here. Framed sparkle art really is the ultimate in home decor that you can make yourself!

Art Kit - Diamond Painting - Home Decor Art Kit you can frame

Framed Diamond Dotz - Adult Art and Crafts ideas you can frame


Adult Craft Idea = Home Decor idea Number Three. Jigsaw Puzzles.  

So, if you know anything at all about Journey of Something, you know we are all about the art puzzle! In fact, we pretty much pioneered the frameable jigsaw puzzles. Almost all our jigsaw puzzles are frameable art. Just pick the one that best suits your home decor and get puzzling.

Get your perfectly fitting jigsaw puzzle frame here

Framed Jigsaw Puzzle - Designer Jigsaw Puzzles - Art Puzzles

Our magnet puzzles are also the ultimate home decor as they will pimp any fridge!

Magnet Puzzles for fridge decoration


Adult Craft Idea = Home Decor idea Number Four. Dominoes and Connect Four.

OK, this one isn’t really an adult craft idea, but it is a Journey of Something product that looks amazing displayed as home decor! Our Domino kit is Super fun to play and deserves pride of place on the shelf! So here are some pictures of our dominoes kit doubling as awesome home décor.

Designer Games for Adults - Unique Dominoes

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