TOP Gifts for Tweens – Winners are Sparkle Art and Paint by Numbers (Spoiler Alert)!

Eww, there’s no denying 'tween' is an awkward age. And it can be hard to know what to gift those ‘not quite adult - not quite children’ humans.

What is a tween? Tween is the ages of 9 – 12. After that you’re a teenager (still awkward if you ask us).

Our lovely customers have informed us that Journey of Something has saved them from the troublesome question of what to gift a tween. We are here to help!

So here are the Top Journey of Something products that we know Tweens will love:


Both Diamond Painting and Paint by Numbers are super easy to do! Any tween can get the hang of it in no time.

Diamond Painting Kits are a major Aussie Craft Trend at the moment and there’s a reason why! It is super relaxing and satisfying. There are also heaps of different tools and accessories for sparkle art – and we all know how much tweens love additional gear. Leaving lots of options for future gifting!

Our top diamond painting designs for tweens are:

Sparkle Art - Cloud Atlas

Diamond Painting Kit Australia

Sparkle Art – Blue Moon

Unique Sparkle Art

Don’t know what diamond painting is -  What is Diamond Painting? 

Why do Painting by Numbers? Like diamond painting, paint by numbers is both easy and enjoyable and the results are awesome! Our top recommendations for numeral paint by numbers designs for tweens are:

Paint by Numbers Kit – Pink Haze

Paint by Numbers Kit – Long Dream

How to paint by numbers.

Best of all, our craft kits come with everything you need for your tween to embark on their diamond painting and paint by numbers journey – including instructions! You can frame your diamond painting and frame paint by numbers.



If your tween is new to puzzling or you aren’t sure if they can go the distance with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, why not try a 500 piece puzzle!?  Our most ‘tweenish’ 500 piece puzzle is the very vibrant “Happy Chappy”. Turn this gift into something really special by giving them the matching jigsaw puzzle frame. Then you are giving them the experience of a jigsaw puzzle and the ability to create some awesome art for their room with a framed jigsaw puzzle! Pimp their present even further with a jigsaw puzzle table (see below)!

Unique Jigsaw Puzzles Australia

How to Frame a Jigsaw puzzle. 


Sorry rest of the world, because of the size of our jigsaw puzzle tables, we only ship them around Australia. But they are Awesome!

For the tween who is into jigsaw puzzles this is a great big ticket gift that will last a lifetime. Our jigsaw puzzle tables will even allow you to puzzle in bed (and we all know how a tween loves their bed).  The great things about this puzzle table is that you don’t have to use it for just jigsaw puzzles, it will also work great with Sparkle Art and Paint by Numbers. It gives you a nice flat surface to work on any DIY arts and crafts project.

 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Table Australia

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