How to Seal Paint by Numbers and Diamond Painting

We have been getting a lot of questions about whether or not you need to seal your Paint by Numbers or Diamond Art (Sparkle Art). The answer is no, you don’t need to seal either diamond painting or paint by numbers. You can certainly frame diamond painting and paint by numbers without sealing.

So what are the benefits of sealing your creation?

Sealing paint by numbers of diamond painting can add that extra pizzaz and help to prolong the life of your creation by protecting it from the light. This is especially the case if you are framing without glass.  Sealing diamond painting can also help to lock the diamonds in place.

It is important to note that sealing diamond art can change the shine of the diamonds, so you may want to do a test section first. In the case of paint by numbers however, it is likely to add additional shine and gloss.

So, if you decide to seal your paint by numbers or diamond painting then we recommend Mod Podge Gloss. We are now stocking Mod Podge Gloss here (Mod Podge Gloss can also be used to seal puzzles, however if you are using it for puzzles only then we suggest purchasing Mod Podge Puzzle glue here).

Mod Podge is super easy to use as a sealant for paint by numbers or diamond painting.

How to seal Diamond Painting (Sparkle Art)

So, you have completed your Diamond Painting and you are ready to frame it (or hang with stretcher bars). Before sealing your diamond art, it is important to note two things:

  1. You may lose a little bit of that sparkle. Although Mod Podge is a gloss, nothing beats the sparkle when the lights hits the original facets. So be prepared to have a slightly different finish on your diamond art.
  2. You won’t be able to roll it up anymore.

Step one: make sure all your diamonds are set as flat as possible and stuck down properly in place. You can do this by running a roller or rolling pin over them. Before rolling, put a piece of fabric between your diamond painting and the roller to avoid damaging your creation.

Step Two: It is as easy as dipping your brush into the gloss and painting it across your diamond art. Apply the sealer in broad strokes. Do not worry if it looks a bit white at first, the sealer is basically a glue so it will dry clear. Apply a thick and even coating that will allow the gloss to go between the diamonds and fill the gaps.

Step Three: Leave to dry. Mod Podge Gloss can take up to 3 days to dry so do not be impatient.

 TIP: Some people recommend diluting your mod podge with water 50/50 for easy application and a better finish.

Instructions on how to seal your paint by numbers coming soon!

Comment below with any tips or tricks you have!  Sparkle Art - Diamond Painting


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For those with vision problems…I find it easier if I space between diamonds than back track and place diamonds in the empty spaces that were skipped in round one. For me this method works great!!!

Theresa May 14, 2024

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