Numeral Paint by Numbers

The bestselling product at the moment is definitely Paint by Numbers, or as it is also known, Numeral Paint by Numbers.

Numeral Paint by Numbers Kit | Journey of Something

We are so glad you are loving our Numeral Paint by Numbers Kits, as this is a product we had wanted to make for a long time. But, it took us ages to find the perfect Paint by Numbers Kit supplier, who could give us the quality of canvas and paint that we wanted.

After a lot of research and development, we are not shy to say that we really think we have the best and ONLY Designer Paint by Numbers kits on the market.

So, what makes our kits ‘Designer Paint by Numbers'? Well, we partner with actual, real-life artists and use actual, real-life, pieces of art work. Here’s a little bit about some of the artists who are responsible for our awesome Numeral Paint by Numbers Kits. 

Designer Paint by Numbers Kit – Kitchen Window

Laura Thomas is a still life artist who collects ‘Things’. We love Laura’s interpretation of a still life that you can recreate in this Numeral Paint by Numbers Kit.  Laura says, “I have a guilty pleasure and obsession for 'things' and I am confronting this underlying want for momentary aesthetic joy.”

 Australian Paint by Numbers Kit - Designer Paint Kit

For more of Laura’s Work check out her website here.

Designer Paint by Numbers Kit – Dinning on the Rocks

Artist, Fran Max believes that everyone should have original art adorning their walls. After years of painting for herself only, Fran has finally made her work available for purchase. And we are so glad she did.

Fran says, “Art is my form of escape or meditation. it is a mindfulness that I have when i need a bit of me time away from the busy life of children and scheduled activities.”

We love how this Numeral Paint by Numbers kit just screams Mediterranean feast. We also deserve a long picnic on the Amalfi Coast. 

The details in the background of this images, means this Numeral Paint by Numbers Kit might be better suited to those a little more experienced or very patient. 

Designer Paint By Numbers Kit Australia

Learn more about Fran here.

Designer Paint by Numbers Kit – Long Dream

This is a particularly special Numeral Paint by Numbers kit, because it was lovingly designed by our own, Journey of Something, in-house design studio, namely Lauren.  Lauren carefully considered what makes Numeral Paint by Numbers so enjoyable – big and little spaces to paint, a variety of colours and a painting that would look awesome even if you went out of the lines of a bit.

That’s a really important aspect of our Designer Paint by Numbers Kit – you don’t have to get it perfect! We especially choose designs and pallets that are forgiving and will look great no matter how skilled an artist you are.

 Australian Paint by Numbers Kit | Designer Games Australia

On that note, we are super-duper excited to announce that we are just a few weeks away from launching our first ever Designer Paint by Numbers Kits for kids.  These Numeral Paint by Numbers Kits are simple enough that they can be completed by kids aged 6 and up, but they are also cool enough that parents will want to complete them for their kid’s rooms. Watch this Space!

See our full range of Design Paint by Numbers Kits here.

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