Indigenous Art Glitter Puzzle by Emma Stenhouse

We were so excited when we saw the work of indigenous artist, Emma Stenhouse. We just knew we had to make a jigsaw puzzle with her. But we thought, how can we make this indigenous jigsaw puzzle extra special?  Glitter of course! Glitter makes everything better.  Luckily Emma loved the idea too.  And so we bring you our indigenous art glitter puzzle, Journey Home.

Indigenous Art Glitter Jigsaw Puzzle

About the Artist of 1000 Piece Puzzle – Journey Home

Emma Stenhouse is taking the first steps on her journey in belonging and becoming connected with her Ngarrindjeri heritage. Her work is predominantly inspired by nature, connection to country using elements of contemporary art and traditional Iconography.

Emma ignites the flame of love for Country in other hearts and minds.  A multifaceted creative, she explores diverse practices. Each piece is braided with learning, exchange between artist and viewer, a continuation of culture - a platform for cross cultural exchange

An experienced early childhood educator, Emma imparts her knowledge of culture, implementing programming including traditional indigenous creative practices guided by Gunditjmara elders. A gatherer and sharer of knowledge, she uses this to guide her own journey.

She builds capacity for others to learn and develop their own connections.

We love how Emma describes herself:

“Indigenous Artisan. Ngarrindjeri Woman. Artist. Weaver. Printmaker. Designer. Sewist.”

Here is Emma holding the Indigenous Art Glitter jgsaw puzzle she designed especially for us.

1000 Pieces Puzzle - Glitter Puzzle - Indigenous Art Puzzle

If you love Emma’s work keep an eye out for a 100 piece indigenous magnetic jigsaw puzzle featuring Emma’s Indigenous Art launching in just two weeks time.

100 Piece Magnet Puzzle

Buy 1000 Piece Puzzle – Journey Home

You can also check out more of Emma’s work on her website.

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