Why do people do Paint by Number Art?

There are so many reason why people do Paint by Numbers. Here are our top 5 reasons 

Why People Do Paint by Numbers Art

  1. Paint by number art is great for mindfulness. Just asked any seasoned paint by numbers artist. Once you get into that mindful state you cannot stop. Painting is a total zone out activity. Paint by numbers is especially relaxing as you don’t even need to think about what you’re painting. We have removed the brainwork and the number prompts do all the work for you. The only think you have to do is make peaceful brush strokes.
  2. Paint by numbers is a fantastic way to get a unique piece of art that you have made yourself. Instead of just buying a poster, it is much more special to have a piece of wall art that you have painted yourself. Even though paint by numbers prompts you as to where to put the different coloured paints, no two final creations are ever exactly the same.
  3. Want to practise your paint skills? Paint by Numbers is the gateway to becoming a real artist. In Paint by Numbers you still need to master paint consistency – how to make thicker and thinner brush strokes and stay within the lines. You will also see how the original artist places colours together and creates shapes to create depth and perspective. Numeral paint by numbers are fantastic practice before you tackle a blank canvas.
  4. People do paint by number art to relieve anxiety. Yep, it’s true, if you are feeling anxious then paint by numbers has a relaxing and calming impact. Just focus on the art work and let it exercise all the good parts of the brain.
  5. Paint by Number Art is just plain fun. Never forget to do things for the sake of fun! Painting is simply enjoyable. And if you really let go and don’t worry about having perfect results then let the kids help. Don’t be afraid to get messy.
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