Jigsaw Puzzles to Sharpen the Mind

If you don’t yet know the benefits of solving jigsaw puzzles, then read are previous post entitled ‘Health Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzle’ here. Are we ranting yet? But seriously guys, we can’t understate the benefits of solving jigsaw puzzles for the mind and the soul. Jigsaw puzzles help improve problem solving skills while working both sides of the brain and more! They even help you to live longer!




How else can you practise problem solving skills, while creating a beautiful piece of art?






The best puzzles to sharpen the mind are the super tricky ones. So we are going to answer a common question we get here at Journey of Something HQ; “what are your most difficult puzzles?”






If you really, really want to challenge yourself, sharpen the mind and practise your problem-solving skills then these are our top picks, for most difficult puzzles:



Journey of Something Most Difficult Puzzle




Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles Picture


What makes these puzzles so difficult? Well, the general rule of thumb is that, the less detail and the less variation in colour the more difficult the jigsaw puzzle. So even though the flora puzzle above has heaps of details, particular colours aren’t confined to any particular areas of the jigsaw. So, for example, you really need to exercise your problem-solving skills to work out if it’s a flower in the top right-hand corner of the jigsaw puzzle of the bottom left hand corner of the puzzle.






How else do we problem solve in order to solve a jigsaw puzzle? Well, when the jigsaw puzzle picture is very hard and the picture itself doesn’t give any clues, then you need to look at the shape of the puzzle pieces. Obviously, edges go on the boarder, but what about the rest of the pieces? A puzzle may be so difficult that you will need to sort your pieces into groups of piece shapes. Then you need to trial and error the group of pieces that fit in the area you are working on.






If you still want to exercise your brain with a jigsaw puzzle, but you don’t think you are quite up to the challenge of the above, then we suggest these jigsaw puzzles. They are difficult jigsaw puzzles but will require less trial and error and sorting then the above jigsaw puzzles.


Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle




On this jigsaw puzzle, the girl's hair is the trickiest bit because it's all black. 


As well as improving your problem solving skills, some of the other benefits of jigsaw puzzles include mindfulness, reducing the onset of Alzheimer’s, less screen time and naturally releasing good endorphins (you know that buzz you get when you place the last piece…ahhh the satisfaction).






Do you prefer doing hard or easy jigsaw puzzles? Would you like to see Journey of Something create some really, really hard puzzles? What about a jigsaw puzzle that is all one colour? Let us know in the comment below.



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