Jigsaw Puzzle Nerds Read This!

It will be no surprise to Journey of Something fans that Jigsaw Puzzles are our favourite game in the whole entire world. Are Jigsaw Puzzles even a game? As well as wondering whether jigsaw puzzles are games, we have been asking ourselves, lots of other ‘history of jigsaw puzzles’ related questions lately.

So we are taking our puzzle nerd status to the next level with…

A HISTORY OF THE JIGSAW PUZZLE (and yes, there will be a test later).

It makes sense that the term jigsaw comes from the type of saw called a ‘jigsaw’ that has traditionally been used to cut puzzles. But a jigsaw was only invented in the 1880’s and the game of puzzles has been around long before then. So prior to jigsaws being invented the game, was actually referred to as “dissected puzzles”. 1000 piece dissected puzzle anyone?

Back in those, like many other games, puzzles were made out of wood not paper. Wooden puzzles are still around today. Should Journey of Something release a wooden puzzle? Let us know below if you are into wooden jigsaw puzzles?

You can imagine, in the ye old days, they would have painted a painting on a piece of wood and then cut it into sections. This means every puzzle would have been one off and unique. Wikipedia tells us, that the earliest puzzles were made from maps stuck onto wood and used to teach kids geography. Put the world back together kids! We have our own map jigsaw puzzle here

According to Wikipedia “Jigsaw puzzles soared in popularity during the Great Depression, as they provided a cheap, long-lasting, recyclable form of entertainment”. That’s kind of creepy when you consider how popular jigsaw puzzles have been during Corona. We are still using the same game to entertain ourselves that was being used 100 years ago.

Let’s take our jigsaw puzzle ‘nerdism’ to the next level. What is the world’s biggest jigsaw puzzle you ask?

One of the world’s biggest puzzle is made by Kodak and comprises of 51,000 pieces. This puzzles would not only take time and patience, but would require an empty basketball stadium in order to complete it, since it’s 174 square feet.

The jigsaw puzzle contains photographs of the 27 wonders of the world, from the Taj mahal, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. At about $600, considering the amount of time it would take to complete this jigsaw puzzle, we actually don’t think it’s a bad invested!

World's Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle

The front runner for world’s biggest jigsaw puzzlesis the 54,000 piece puzzle of an art gallery featuring all of the world’s most famous pieces of art.

And yes, we know we didnt answer our own question about whether jigsaw puzzles are games. But who cares - we love games and puzzles of all shapes and sizes! Keep your eyes peeled for some brand new Journey of Something games arriving soon. 

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