Lauren, Sparkle Art Queen

Since Nicola has declared herself the jigsaw puzzle queen (apparently, she is the boss of all puzzles in the world everywhere, anyway…), I thought it was only fair that I declare myself the queen of something too. My addiction is definitely Sparkle Art. So Nicola, you may be the puzzle queen, but I am the Sparkle Art Queen.

Sparkle Art Queen | Best diamond dots

My journey to being THE sparkle art queen, is not entirely unlike Nicola’s (no, a babysitter didn’t finish my sparkle art – refer to Nicola’s puzzle queen blog here). Rather, I found myself doing daggy sparkle art, after daggy sparkle art. I hit rock bottom one day whilst completing a bright pink unicorn sparkle art clearly meant for small children.

It was at that point I said to Nicola “Our next product is sparkle art”. Until then we had only made puzzles and games. As avid crafters however, we knew this was a product line we were passionate about. And still today, I stand by the fact, that Journey of Something Sparkle Art is truly the only, artist designed, ‘non daggy’ (yes, that is the official term) sparkle art on the market. Any other sparkle art kits just aren't as cool. Full. Stop. See our full range here

As Sparkle Art Queen, and head of the Journey of Something sparkle art department, you sparkle art lovers out there will be happy to know that I am always working on new designs. We are testing a great design at the moment. Sneak peak you say? Ok, ok, here is a clue. 

Another thing I am working on is some sparkle art accessories. We already sell the perfect sized frames for your sparkle art kits. But keep your eyes peeled on the Journey of Something Store as the sparkle art essentials are coming soon. We will be bringing out a great tool storage box including spare wax, stylus and everything else you need to sparkle art in comfort. We will also be releasing an easy to use roller to make sure all your diamonds are nice and flat.

Whilst I am the sparkle art queen, I am a benevolent dictator, so let me know what sparkle art accessories or designs you would like to see?

And finally, the one thing I always like to remind everyone about sparkle art, if you haven’t done it before, the results are awesome, pictures really don’t convey how good it looks once completed. Trust me, give it a go, and you too will become a sparkle art queen or king!

Sparkle Art Queen

P.S Our Sparkle Art kits now come in new and improved tubes. 

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