Australian jigsaw puzzles = Affordable Aussie Art

There is no denying that there are a lot of jigsaw puzzles on the market nowadays.  And yeah, there are lots of Australian puzzles too. So, we thought it’s a good time to point out how Journey of Something jigsaw puzzles really are unique and the penultimate Australian jigsaw puzzles.

Our Australian Art puzzles, are just that - a collection of jigsaw puzzles that is in fact a beautifully curated selection of Australian Art, including of course, indigenous art. And by buying the puzzle, you are snagging yourself an Australian artwork for a fraction of the price. The only catch – you have to assemble it yourself. But that’s only a catch, depending how you look at it - we happen to think that’s a bonus 😊.

We are very lucky to have Journey of Something, creative director, Lauren. Lauren is an avid art collector who knows everything about Australian art. So, every Journey of Something puzzle design is personally selected by Lauren.  Lauren looks at Australian Art, all day, every day and then selects the best images to bring to you as Australian Art jigsaw puzzles.

We often get asked how we work with our artists and Indigenous Artists in particular. When there is an Australian artwork that we would like to make into a jigsaw puzzle, the very first thing we do is contact the artist and ask what their licence terms and fees are. We all reach a very clear agreement as to the terms and cost of the licence. We will commission some artists, indigenous artist included, to make an artwork for us. When we commission a piece, the process is the same, we will ask the artist to quote and pay them accordingly before we even produce the goods.

That is how Journey of Something comes to have a truly unique and unusual jigsaw puzzle range. For each design we consider,

 ‘Will this be a unique Australian jigsaw puzzle?’ and;

 ‘Is this an image I would want framed on my wall?’.

If the answer to both those questions is yes, you will hopefully see that image in an upcoming range.

Here are 2 unusual Australian jigsaw puzzle images that we commissioned.

 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle - desert flower - aboriginal art

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle - australia edition

Here is a sneak peak of a new Australian Aboriginal Art Puzzle dropping soon. This Australian jigsaw puzzle design will be part of our upcoming sparkle puzzle range. 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles with glitter in them! You are going to love them!

Unique Australian Art Gliter Puzzle

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