Our Favourite Craft Kits for Gifting this Christmas

Here are the top three reasons why a craft kit is a great gift for Christmas 2022, or any other time:

Reason Number One to Gift a Craft Kit

You could actually introduce someone to a life long hobby that will bring them joy and mindfulness throughout their life. Big statement but it's true!

Real Life Example: A customer reached out to us to say she gifted her husband our pottery kit and he is now an avid potter. So before you turn the garage into a pottery studio, try our Craft Kit - Pottery Box. 

It's hands down the prettiest pottery kit in town and it has everything you need to try pottery for the first time and start your journey to becoming a real potter. 


Reason number Two to Gift a Craft Kit 

As well as gifting someone hours of joy, you are gifting them a piece of art work that they have created themselves. Maybe they will even gift the completed art work to someone else. Craft Kits are the gift that keeps on giving!

A craft kit that turns into amazing art once complete is our Current Best selling Paint By Numbers Kit, Two Proteas by Bec Rosenthal.

It comes with brushes, paints, canvas and most importantly the numeric guide that will lead you to painting your own amazing art work. 

Paint By Numbers Art Kit - Two Proteas 

Reason number Three to Gift a Craft Kit

You are gifting hours of entertainment and screen free time. Craft Kits actually take you off your phone and get you using your hands and brain. 

If you don’t want a Craft Kit that is too much of a time commitment, we suggest Paint Your Plate Kits. This is probably one of our quickest and most satisfying Craft Kits. 

Our favourite is the Paint your Own Paint Kit by Xander Halliday. 

Designer Craft Kit - Paint Your Own Plate 

OK, we know a lot of you like to watch your favourite show at night. Well, as far as Craft Kits go, Sparkle Art is super easy. You can do it while you watch House of the Dragon or Below Deck. 

Our Favourite Sparkle Art kit at the moment is definitely Honeycomb Quilt. The results are amazing. Sparkle Art kits are a great craft kit for young people too!

Sparkle Art Kit - Diamond Dots

We also couldn't tell you about Craft Kits without mentioning our extremely cute embroidery kits. These are also a great to display once finished and super easy for beginner stitches. 

Embroidery Kit _ Beginners Craft Kit

Check out all of our amazing Arts, Crafts and DIY Craft Kits.

All our DIY Kits are designed for beginners so don't be shy to give a new hobby a try! 

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