How to Start a Puzzle Collection

At Journey of something, we have always considered our puzzles as much pieces of art as they are jigsaw puzzles. And that is why even our puzzle boxes are designed with the utmost of thought and care. Our puzzle box packaging is designed to look great on your shelf as a stack. So as you build your jigsaw puzzle collection, your box collection grows too. 

A puzzle collection is also a great way to achieve an art wall that really stands out. Don’t just stop at one framed puzzle - frame your whole puzzle collection for a feature wall. More is more guys!

If you are wondering where you can find a collection of puzzles - don’t worry, our puzzles are designed so that any combination looks great together. Perfect matching is overrated - we are all about clashing colours and styles. If you are styling your puzzle box collection - all our jigsaw puzzle boxes are designed to be the same size and layout so that they can be stacked in perfect harmony. Pimp your walls and your shelves with the perfect jigsaw puzzle collections. 

We love hearing from customers who started with just one Journey Something Puzzle and have grown their puzzle collection! Here are some of our professional puzzle collectors (creative licence may have been used)...

Where to find a puzzle collection Puzzle Collections Australia
Aussie themed puzzle collections:
 Where can I find a puzzle collection? Australia themed puzzles collection


As we approach Christmas 2022, we wanted to remind you of our ultimate jigsaw puzzle bundle. This puzzle bundle includes absolutely everything you need to take your jigsaw puzzle game to the next level or give someone an amazing gift.  This jigsaw puzzle pack contains everything you need to puzzle in comfort and frame your jigsaw puzzle once you are done.  

So what exactly is included in the ultimate jigsaw puzzle bundle you ask?  

  • Your choice of any Journey of Something 1000 Piece Puzzle. With over thirty 1000 piece puzzles all designed by Australian and International artists, you will have no trouble finding a puzzle design to suit your style and decor. Our jigsaw puzzle collection has been carefully curated to include on trend images from all our favourite artists.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Table Australia. We have researched far and wide and found the best jigsaw puzzle table in Australia. This jigsaw puzzle table is sturdy, grips the puzzle pieces, ergonomic and in keeping with the Journey of Something ethos - nice to look at.
  • Puzzle Glue for making sure your puzzle stays securely together before you frame it
  • A Jigsaw puzzle frames in your choice of wood colour. We have made sure the puzzle frame is the perfect size for your 1000 piece puzzle. It is easy to put together and looks great once your puzzle is framed! 

Our jigsaw puzzle table if also awesome for paint by numbers, sparkle art, colouring or any other activity that you start and then might need to store away flat and continuing working on another day.

So if you are still wondering what to do with your jigsaw puzzle once you have finished it, let us summarise -

Start a jigsaw puzzle collection! Frame the puzzles once you have completed them and stack the jigsaw puzzle boxes on a shelf.

Puzzle styling Inspo:

Jigsaw Puzzle Framed and StyledFramed jigsaw puzzle



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