Paint by Numbers for Beginners : Tips, Techniques, & Starter Kits

Because we like to make things easy for you guys, our Paint by Numbers are conveniently labelled "for Beginners. 


Paint by Numbers for Beginners

Best Beginner Paint by Numbers


But there are some things you should know. 

Firstly, we don't actually like the concept of "Paint by Numbers for Beginners". Why? Because the beauty of Paint by Numbers is that no matter what your skill level, you can give it a go. Yes, some Paint by Numbers Kits will be slightly more of a slog for beginners, but the results will still be great!

So don’t let the fact that your favourite Paint by Numbers design isn't labelled 'For Beginners' stop you when choosing the perfect one!

That said, why have we put 'For Beginners' on some Paint by Numbers kits and not others - what makes them 'For Beginners'? Our top 3 reasons: 

1. Less small details: These designs are easier to tackle and require less intricate work. If you aren’t a skilled painter it might be hard to get stay within the lines on small sections. Also, who cares about staying in the lines! We don’t!

Beginner Paint by Numbers Kit - Embrace

2. Less canvas to paint: we included Butterfly Garden paint by Numbers Kit as one of our beginner kits of this very reason. If you are a beginner, you may not have the stamina for a full canvas. Butterfly Garden only requires you to paint the Butterflies and can be completed relatively quickly.

Butterfly Garden Paint by Numbers Kit - Beginner

3. Slightly less colours: Kits with a limited number of colours are ideal for beginners. Having fewer colours to work with makes the painting process less overwhelming and easier to manage.
Fun and Friendship - Paint by Numbers

But ultimately we think the best Paint by Numbers kit for you, no matter what your skill level, is the Kit you like the most! If the image appeals to you, then you will have fun with it and be motivated to complete it.  So go ahead and pick one that speaks to you, and have fun with your Paint by Numbers! It will still look great if you go out of the lines. 


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