The Art of Sparkle Art

Is Sparkle Art (aka Diamond Painting or Diamond Art) actually art? YES! Not only is Sparkle Art art but it is also one of the greatest and most relaxing hobbies known to man... and the results are stunning. Sparkle Art is definitely Art!

What's more, Journey of Something Sparkle Art is even more 'arty' than all the other Sparkle Arts in town. That is because our Sparkle Art is actually designed by real life, awesome Australian artists! It's Artist Designed Sparkle Art. 

Don't believe us. Let us talk you through some of our best selling Sparkle Art Kit designed by Aussie Artists. 

Bec Rosenthal is the awesome artist behind our Sparkle Art kit Blue Moon. Bec's work is characterised by a bold distortion of form and exaggerated colours which she describes as Modern Fauvism. Check out more of Bec's work here

Artist Designed Sparkle Art Australia

Framed Sparkle Art Kit

Next up we have the ultimate icon of Australian artists, May Gibbs.

May Gibbs is one of Australia’s best loved, classic children’s book writers and artists. May’s deep love of the Australian bush was portrayed in her work, engendering in children her own love of nature. The Gumnut Babies, May’s classic book about Australian bush fairies, was first published in 1916 and was followed by many other Gumnut stories including her famous creations Snugglepot & Cuddlepie.

May Gibbs Sparkle Art Kit. 

Sparkle Art by Artists

Australian Diamond Dots

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