Paint By Numbers Kits for Kids Are Here!

Paint by Numbers Kits for kids have arrived![UPDATED]

Without any bias whatsoever, we can say these are hands down the cutest Children's Paint by Numbers Kits in the world (no exaggeration)! They are so cute in fact, that it is going to be hard to let the kids paint them themselves - but don't fret, we have a great selection of Paint by Numbers Kits for adults too! 

Check out the full range of our Latest Children's Paint by Numbers Kits.

Paint by Numbers Kit for Kids Australia - Outside the City.

Kid's Paint by Numbers Australia

Paint by Numbers Kit for Kids Australia - Spring Wings.

Designer Kids Paint by Numbers Kit

Not only are our Paint by Numbers super cute, and an awesome gift, but they are actually good for you!  There are heaps of benefits for children's motor skills when doing Paint by Numbers kits. Paint by Numbers is such a great way for kids to flex both sides of the brain and improve their dexterity. Some of the skills and benefits of Paint by Numbers are:

  • Improving fine motor skills by staying within the lines
  • Using your brain to interpret the numbers grid. For example, if the child sees the number 1 on the paint by numbers canvas, they then need to work out which is paint colour number 1.
  • Using fine motor skills to handle the brush properly and learn about paint viscosity.
  • Good dopamine is released by the brain upon successful completion of the project. This is great for teaching kids about starting and finishing a project! And you can frame their canvas once they have completed their painting. There is no better art for a kids room then art they have created themselves!
  • One of the reasons Paint by Numbers is a must have craft activity is because it totally reduces screen time. Your kid will not finish this craft activity in just 5 minutes - it is a solid task that makes for a great project! 

Here is the 9 year old daughter of Journey of Something founder, Nicola, enjoying her paint by numbers kit this school holidays: 

 8 - 13 year old Paint by Numbers Kits.

We recommend our paint by numbers kit for kids aged anywhere between 6 - 13 years. 

Our children's Paint by Numbers Kit are designed by Bianca Palazzi. Bianca loves using shapes and colour to depict the world around her. Perfect for kid’s paint by numbers! In fact, her work is so wonderful for kids that we also got her to design our 24 Piece Kids Jigsaw puzzle, Under the Garden and Creepy Crawlies.  


Bianca is all about fun themes like houses, mountains and trees. Combine these with Bianca’s amazing use of colour and shape and you have a winning formula!

You can checkout more of Bianca’s amazing work here - Prepare for a cuteness overload! 

We are just a bit obsessed. Who thinks we should also get her to design us a Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults – Aussie themed?

And keep an eye out for more Paint by Numbers Kits for Children designed in conjunction with iconic kids (and grownups) brand Kip and Co. They will be out for Christmas! 

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Love Bianca’s designs – perhaps you could get her to make a range of products . Very talented ❤️👏🏻

Lisa Bauer March 16, 2023

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