Best Father's Day Gifts 2022

Father’s Day Gift Edit 2022

Do you want to be dad’s favourite child this Father’s Day? We have the best Father’s Day gifts, whether your dad is a cool dad or a daggy dad, we have him covered.

Forget the traditional Father’s Day Gifts of socks and golf accessories, that is so 2021. Father’s Day 2022 is all about taking dad out of his comfort zone.

Games dad can play with the whole family this Father’s Day.

Instead of making dad breakfast in bed this Father’s Day, he can play Breakfast Bingo with the kids. It’s a lot less messy than the kids making orange juice and cereal and carrying it up the stairs.

 Father's Day 2022 | Cool Games for Dad

My kids love to play Dominoes. It’s a super easy game that the whole family can enjoy.

Father's Day | Dominoes

Does dad enjoy a beverage every now and again? Alcoholic drinks memory includes everyone’s favourite beverage.

Father's Day | Games for Dad

A good old pack of playing cards never goes astray. Get dad these cool basketball themed playing cards.

Gifts for Dad | Cool Presents for Dad

 Jigsaw Puzzles for dad this Father’s Day

Does your dad like to puzzle? We have a range of jigsaw puzzles especially designed for the male of the species.

Our Hey Man 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles features a bunch of cool men, including some dads.

Happy Father's Day | Cool Presents for Dad

For the dad who loves his garage we present to you the 500 piece puzzle, Man Cave.

Australia Puzzles | Gift's for Father's Day

For the dad who loves coffee – the 1000 Piece Jigsaw puzzle – Three Quarter Latte.

Australia Puzzles | Cool Puzzles

Does your dad love his gadgets? For the dad who is into drones, check out this puzzle taken using a drone.

Australia Puzzles | Cool Games for Dad

Take Dad out of his comfort zone this Father Day with an Art Kit

A few years ago, I got my husband a crossword book. He thought it is was a very daggy father’s day gift and that he would never use it. Low and behold he is now a crossword addict and does one every night in bed.

Gifts for Dad | Father's Day Gifts

So the point is, give dad something unexpected – you never know, it could become a lifelong passion.  Our top pick for dad out of the DIY kits is this pottery kit:

Presents for Dad | Cool Gifts for Father's Day

Is dad a bit of a boy scout? How are are his knot skills. Put them to the test with this DIY Macrame kit.

 Gifts for Dad | Cool Gift Ideas

What are your top Gift Picks for Father’s Day 2022? We would love to see your pictures of dad enjoying his Journey of Something gifts!

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