Paint by Numbers Tips and Tricks (Vibe Checker)

Hey there, painting pal!

We have previously given you some more technical Paint by Numbers Tips & Tricks which you have loved. So here are some more Paint by Numbers Tips & Tricks but this time it's all about the vibe, mood and your frame of mind. Because the woo woo is important!

So, you're ready to dip your literal and metaphorical brush into paint by Numbers!?  Let's get started and bring that Paint by Numbers to life. 

First things first, let's clear some space and set up our workspace. I like to put on some music (or a podcast) and maybe light a scented candle if I am really trying to set the mood (oo la la). Don't forget to grab your favorite beverage - painting can be thirsty work! And in case you didn't know, you are allowed to drink wine while doing Paint by Numbers, no matter what the time of day. We are Paint by Numbers experts so what we say goes!

Now, let's dive into the painting itself. Remember, you don't need to be a professional artist to create a beautiful piece of art with Paint by Numbers. Just take it one color at a time and don't stress too much about being perfect. We're here to have fun, after all! Also, the brilliant thing about Paint by Numbers is that it is VERY forgiving - if you go out of the lines or paint some sections wrong the results will still be awesome!

Pro tip: If you accidentally paint over a darker color, don't panic! You can always go back and touch it up later. Just take a deep breath, clean your brush, and keep on painting.

And don't forget to take breaks and stretch your hands and fingers every once in a while. We want to avoid paint by numbers induced cramps!

Once you're finished with your painting, take a step back,  admire your work and reward yourself with more wine. It's always so satisfying to see your work come together to form a beautiful image. And hey, if you're feeling extra proud of your creation, show it off and frame it for all to see? Get your frame here

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