The Art of the Puzzle : A look at Puzzle Inspired Australia Art

There is no much more to The Art of the Puzzle then you think. 

One of the most interesting aspects of jigsaw puzzles as an art form is the way they allow for the creation of complex and intricate images. Puzzle artists can use jigsaw puzzles to create stunning and detailed works of art that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other mediums. By breaking an image down into small pieces, jigsaw puzzles can create a sense of depth and complexity that is unique to this art form.

And when you are completing a puzzle, you have the opportunity to scrutinise the artwork in a way you would not otherwise. You touch, feel and observe every part of the image. 

This is especially the case with Australian Art Puzzles. An Australian Art puzzle is the ultimate way to appreciate the beauty of Indigenous Australian Art. 

A beautiful example if this 1000 Piece Puzzle entitled Giwaa Yubaa by indigenous artist Lou Martin. Lou Martin is a contemporary Aboriginal artist (Wiradjuri) who lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (Gubbi Gubbi country). Although Lou has been painting throughout her life, she only recently began sharing her work.

Aboriginal Art Puzzle Australia

Indigenous Australian Art Puzzle Framed

We also love the way jigsaw puzzles as an art form can be used to tell a story or convey a message. Puzzle artists can use jigsaw puzzles to create scenes that tell a story or they can use puzzles to convey a message or idea. 

As we continue to add jigsaw puzzles to the Journey of Something collection we partner with many artists and designers who are creating new and innovative puzzle images using many different medians.

One of our favourite examples is the Australia jigsaw puzzle entitled "All Around Oz"created especially for Journey of Something by Artist, Maximillian Malone. 

Australian Jigsaw Puzzle Art

Puzzle Inspired Australian Art Puzzles

Maximillian painstakingly cut out the images, and laid them out. He then photographed his creation for use as jigsaw puzzle but did not glue the pieces in place. After it was photographed he disassembled the collage meaning that the final image exists in puzzle form only, and can only be viewed once teh puzzle is assembles. 

Maximillian takes all his imagery from vintage books, taking collage to a whole new level, making it an art form to rival all others. His pieces have a sense of the psychedelic, a sense of nostalgia and at times humour.

From intricate and challenging puzzles that take weeks to complete to simple and relaxing puzzles that can be completed in a few hours, the art of the jigsaw puzzle is awesome!

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