Personalised 1000 Piece Puzzles - The Ultimate Gift

At Journey of Something we take Gift Giving extremely seriously! And there is nothing more satisfying then giving the perfect gift...We are here to help you get all the gifting kudos!

In order to be a gift giving guru, you need to give something that no one else will give, that you cannot possible get anywhere else - HELLO, CUSTOM 1000 PIECE PUZZLES. 

Here is how our custom jigsaw puzzles work: 

We have provided carefully curated, on trend backgrounds, for you to choose from. Then all you have to do is add the recipients name, or special saying or note. Anything that will make them realise the puzzle has been especially personalised for them!

 Personalised Puzzle Backgrounds

The customisation doesn’t stop at the text, you can also choose your font and font colour. 

Also, it would be remiss of us not to point out, that your personalised 1000 piece puzzle will come in a lovely, Journey of Something box with your personalised puzzle design featured on the front. 


Design Your Own 1000 Piece Puzzle  


Some of our favourite ideas for gifting personalised puzzles include: 

  • Invitations: your invitation can be an actual puzzle that your guests need to piece together. 
  • Thank you Cards: saying thank you in the most unique way possible. 
  • Corporate Gifts: Write your company name or your employees name for a gift they will actually want! 
  • Birthday Presents: This one is a no brainer. Do you know a puzzle lover? What could be a better gift than a 1000 piece puzzle with their name on it. 
  • Give yourself a gift: Do you have a special saying that means a lot to you. Like any other puzzle, personalised puzzles can be framed and displayed once complete. Make yourself something meaningful. 


Design Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle


To ensure proper alignment and overall slickness, your design will also be reviewed by a real, live, certified graphic designer. If your puzzle isn't quite right, we'll tweak it until it is.

No more generic presents, please! It's all about proving how well you know the recipient with a personalised puzzle from Journey of Something. Adapt the puzzle to the recipient's personal taste, sense of humor, or cherished memory.

You can count on a standing ovation when you present them with a Journey of Something Personalised Puzzle that has been customised especially for them.

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