Puzzle Boards & Modge Podge - The New Corona Essentials

Once you start looking for Puzzle Boards and Mod Podge Puzzle Glue (sometimes referred to as Modge Podge), you know you have truly reached peak lockdown, professional jigsaw puzzler status. You are basically the embodiment of 2020-2021. If you know, you know. 
The Best Puzzle Board
Mod Podge
Why are puzzle boards and Mod Podge glue the unofficial icons of Corona? It's simple. Firstly, you have done so many puzzles that you may be experiencing back and neck pain and hence, need a puzzle board. And secondly, you have so many puzzle that you no longer know what to do with them, so you have to glue them, with Mod Podge Puzzle Glue of course and then frame them. The latter is also symptomatic of the unhealthy obsession you have developed with jigsaw puzzles and your need to frame your puzzles so you can look at them at all times. Your house has become a virtual shrine to jigsaw puzzles.
And for those wondering - do puzzle boards really make puzzling more comfortable? The answer is an absolute and definite yes. Once you puzzle with a puzzle board you never go back! They also make storing unfinished puzzles very easy. Just slide it under the bed or couch. 

Our puzzle board is made in a beautiful birch wood, comes in 7 pieces and slots together in under a minute without tools! It also has a non-slip surface so you can spread your puzzle pieces out anywhere on the board even though it is slanted. You can rotate the puzzle board for landscape or portrait jigsaw puzzles. The puzzle board can accommodate up to a 1000 piece puzzle (including 1000 piece round puzzles). 

Puzzle Board
Did you know all our puzzle boards are custom made to order by a wonderful local, Aussie maker, who was in the events industry and quickly 'pivoted' during Corona. They were busy making things for events like the Melbourne's Formula 1 race and the Ninja Warrior set, when suddenly the events industry came to an abrupt halt (you’ve probably heard of Corona). These guys quickly put their laser cutting machine and creativity to good use. And we are so glad they did or we wouldn’t have our awesome puzzle board. They have also managed to increase their workforce and hire people who would otherwise be unemployed due to the closure of the entrainment industry.
And now a little bit about Mod Podge. Mod Podge is cult decoupage glue brand that started in 1967. We love that they still have their retro branding.  Mod Podge is a staple for crafters everywhere. The best thing about Mod Podge is that it dries perfectly clear and quickly. Mod Podge does heaps of cute, creative YouTube videos. Check them out here
There also have some videos on the best way to glue and frame jigsaw puzzles. If you are intending to glue your jigsaw puzzle with Mod Podge, we definitely suggest checking out their YouTube channel for some best practice tips. 
Check out our website here for other fun jigsaw puzzle accessories and of course jigsaw puzzle frames. For those serious about puzzling, puzzle sorting trays are also a must!
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