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You guys love our Guess Who games, we love our Guess Who games, so we have brought you more Guess Who Games! And you’re all very welcome.

The Journey of Something original Guess Who games are Guess the Musician (who died before their time) and Guess the Politician.

Guess the Musician - Adult Guess Who

However, due to popular demand, we have just released Guess the Feline and Guess the Doggy. 

Guess the Feline - Adult Guess Who Game
Adult Game - Guess the Doggy

For those wondering how these games work - well it's simple, you play just like normal Guess Who. You ask 'yes' or 'no' questions in order to guess who your opponent’s politician, musician, dog or cat is. For more specific instructions see below. 

When playing traditional Guess Who, you may have been taught to always use objective questions. For example, "is your person female?". This will ensure someone can win the game. But we don’t sell traditional Guess Who around here. And these are adult games. And we are strongly in favour of the use of questions with subjective answers. You may not end up with a winner this way, but you will definitely have more fun. And you could even learn something interesting about your opponent. 

For example, when playing Guess the Musician (who died before their time), we strongly recommend questions such as "Is your Musician sexy?" or "Would you have sex with your Musician?"... you get the picture. The naughtier the questions the better IMHO. 

We would love to know what other Guess Who games you would like to see? Comment below. Celebrities? Controversial athletes?

For those needing more specific instruction on how to play Guess Who, see below. These are the instruction for our Guess the Politician game, but the same principles apply for Guess the Musician (who died before their time), Feline or Doggy. 

Guess the Politician Instructions 

Each player takes a tray and a set of cards (all 3 packs of cards are identical). Insert your cards into the slots leaving the single, front slot free.

Without showing your opponent, each player selects one card from the remaining pack. Place this card in the front slot of your tray. The first player to guess who their opponent has selected wins. 

The player who has voted in the most elections goes first (the oldest player). This player begins by asking their opponent a yes or no question that will help to identify or eliminate the politicians on the cards. For example “Is your politician female?” If they answer “yes”, the player asking removes all the cards that are NOT female. If they say “no”, the player asking removes all the females. Through this process of elimination, players will  eventually be able to deduce who is their opponent's politician.

Each player gets one yes or no question per a turn. The first player to guess their opponent's politician wins. 

A TWIST – How well do you know your friends and family?

To make the game more interesting use questions that have a subjective answer. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • Is your politician attractive?
  • Is your politician a dictator?
  • Would you sleep with your politician?
  • Is your politician liberal?

Guess Who and puzzling - image courtesy of the best cookies around, Butterbing!. 

 Adult Games - Jigsaw Puzzle and Guess Who

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