Sparkle Gem Art | Ultimate Hack Guide with Tips & Tricks

Sparkle Gem Art goes by many names – Sparkle Gem Art (obv.), Sparkle Art, Diamond Art, Diamond Painting or Gem art – just to name a few! If you have a different name for it – let us know in the comments below!

And yes, they are all the same thing. So, no matter what you call it, these Tips and Tricks will apply to all your Sparkle Gem Art pursuits.

Before reading should have a basic idea of how to Sparkle Art. For a beginners guide to Sparkle Gem Art see our post here

Here are our top Tips and Tricks to make your Sparkle Gem Art experience even better:

TIP ONE:  Attach your canvas to a piece of polystyrene using double sided tape or sticky glue pads. This will create a smooth and portable surface on which to sparkle art.

TIP TWO: If you don’t have any polystyrene, just tape your canvas to the table by sticking tape across the corners.

Sparkle Art Tips and Tricks

TIP THREE: This tip is an important one! DO NOT remove the entire protective plastic film at once. Only peel back the section you are working on. Peeling back the whole thing will risk the canvas getting dusty or loosing its adhesiveness. Whenever you are not working on a section, make sure it is well covered with the protective film. This is especially the case, if you have curious cats – you do not want cat fur on your canvas. If you do get dirt on your canvas use tweezers to remove what you can.  

TIP FOUR: You can work the colours in any order you like, but in order to stop dust and dirt getting in, we suggest doing a section at a time.

TIP FIVE: When you are working on a colour, do not poor ALL the gems of that colour into the tray. Just poor 50 or so. There will be way less to clean up if you accidentally spill your tray!

TIP SIX: Those who are beginners to Sparkle Gem Art, may not yet know that the gems should always be picked up with the stylus gem side up. If you look in your tray and see that many of the gems are lying gem side down, lightly tap your stylus in the middle of the tray to turn them over. This will save you the laborious task of turning over gems one by one!

Diamond Painting for Beginners

TIP SEVEN: Despite your best efforts, sometimes the lines of your gems may not be exactly straight. That is ok, just use a ruler to press gems into nice straight lines. The tweezers or the other end of the stylus can also be helpful to move individual gems – just push them into place if they are a bit off. Remember that you can still move a gem once it has been placed on your Sparkle Art Canvas. Also remember that your Sparkle Gem Art will still look awesome when finished even if every gem is not placed perfectly!

Sparkle Gem Art for Beginners

TIP EIGHT: Once you are finished, do not throw away the plastic film. Instead place it back on top of the finished canvas. For a great result you should now gently flatten your gems to make sure none are sticking up and all are stuck securely. You can do this by either gently using a rolling pin over the plastic film or pressing a heavy book on top.

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