How to Sparkle Art!

How do you Sparkle Art? 

The word is out, the people are loving our Sparkle Art aka Diamond Painting kits. Woo Hoo!

For those of you that are new to Sparkle Art, here’s a little more info about it. If you already know what Sparkle Art is but maybe don’t quite know how to do it, here’s some easy-to-follow instructions! It’s super easy and extremely meditative.

Your Sparkle Art kit contains everything you need to create your artwork:

  • All the Sparkle Dots you will need.
  • 1 x Sparkle Art Canvas
  • 1 x Stylus
  • 1 x Wax
  • 1 x Trays for your Sparkle Dots
Diamond Dotz How To | Sparkle Art Kit Contents

How to Complete your Journey of Something Sparkle Art: 

  1. Spread your canvas out on your workspace. We suggest using masking tape to secure down the corners of the canvas so it doesn’t move around.
  2. Peel back a small section of the clear protective film to reveal a section of your canvas. Do not remove the whole film; the film should be gradually pulled back as you work on each section.
  3. From the revealed area, choose the first symbol you will work on. Locate that same symbol on the Colour Chart in the border of your canvas. The Colour Chart will tell you which DMC colour that symbol relates to. Locate that packet of Sparkle Dots.
  4. Pour the packet of Sparkle Dots into the tray.
  5. Press the head of your Stylus firmly into the wax, so that the tip of the stylus fills with wax. Press the head of the Stylus in as many times as necessary, so that the tip is well coated with wax.
  6. Use the sticky wax on the head of the stylus to pick up your first Sparkle Dot from the tray. Make sure you pick up the Sparkle Dot on the faceted side.
  7. Place the flat side of the Sparkle Dot onto the corresponding symbol on the Canvas. The Sparkle Dot will stick to the adhesive canvas.
  8. Continue working on all of that symbol in the section.
  9. When you are finished that symbol/ colour move to the next, until the entire canvas is completed. Reapply wax to the head of your Stylus as often as necessary.
  10. In order to maintain the adhesiveness of your canvas, replace the protective film when you are finished working.  Also, do not leave your wax exposed to the air or it will dry out.
  11. When your Sparkle Art is completed, place the protective film back on top of the Sparkle Dots. Use a rolling pin to gently roll over the Sparkle Dots to make sure they are all securely stuck to the canvas. You may like to leave some heavy books stacked on your completed canvas overnight. This well help to make sure the dots are properly adhered.
  12. Your Sparkle Art is complete! Frame it if you wish. Yay!

And voila, you have created an absolutely stunning Sparkle Art image that is 100% frame worthy. You can purchase the perfect size Sparkle Art frame here that comes in natural wood, black or white.

Framed Sparkle Art

Keep an eye on our website for some new Sparkle Art designs coming soon. We are always looking for the next new and exciting artists. Know an artist whose work you would love to see as Sparkle Art? Tell us about them at

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