Top 5 Australian Puzzles of 2022

Who loves a good “best of the year” list? We do!

And so, of course we had to make a Top 5 Australian Puzzles of 2022 list. We have looked back at the stats, and here are our top 5 selling Australian jigsaws of 2022. 

  1. 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Desert Flower

Best Jigsaw Puzzle of 2022

We can understand why you guys love this jigsaw puzzle so much. The design has distinct sections of colour that make it perfect for puzzling. Each colour or pattern area is kind of like a mini puzzle in itself. 

“Desert Flower” includes Kangaroo footprints, birthing caves and two beautiful native Australian flowers; The eucalyptus flower and the Acacia pycnantha – commonly known as the Golden Wattle.

About the Artist

Heidi Smith is the artist behind Elssie Art (@elssieart), named after Heidi's grandmother. Heidi is a Yuin woman living on Gubbi Gubbi land and a proud mother of two girls. 
She is passionate about painting artworks that reflect motherhood, family and Aboriginal country.
Her ancestors energy and connection to country is what inspires her artworks. 

  1. 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Budgabulla

Indigenous Art Jigsaw Puzzle - 1000 Piece Puzzle

Colour, colour, colour. Any one who knows Journey of Something, knows how much we love colour. This Aussie jigsaw puzzle is an absolute winner for its amazing use of colour. We love what Emma has done by using colours not traditionally seen in indigenous Australia Art. 

About the Artist
Mulganai, aka Emma Hollingsworth, grew up travelling Australia with her family - it was an adventure.  Her work today reflects all that she has seen and experienced. Emma takes inspiration from her aunties and uncles who are also involved in the Australian arts and cultural sector.

  1. 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Journey Home

Unique 1000 Piece Puzzle - Journey Home

Who doesn’t like shinny thinks? We have taken the Australian Indigenous Art Jigsaw puzzle and elevated it to the next level with the addition of glitter. This makes the puzzle even more frameable. If you want a jigsaw puzzles you can frame - Journey Home is our pick for best Australian puzzle of 2022. 

A note from the Artist
"Where we belong, the beauty of the landscape we should never take for granted. The highs and lows of life, the mountains that inspire us to challenge ourselves. The beautiful views from the peak and the wonder that draws us home. To the place and the people that belong to us and where we rest and grow. We meet people along the way who become part of our journey, some we take with us, some we leave behind, but their footprints remain. We are always on our journey home."

About the Artist

Emma Stenhouse is a proud Ngarrindjeri woman, with strong links to the Gunditjmara people of Warrnambool. She would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where this artwork was created, the Peek Whuurrong people of the Marr Nation, and pay her respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging. Emma recognises them and respects their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land, which is important to all of the Marr Nation people living today. Emma acknowledge the Elders of the Ngarrindjeri people who have given her support in her journey as she recognises who she is as a Ngarrindjeri woman and Artist.


  1. 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Giwaa Yuba

Australian 1000 Piece Puzzle - Indigenous Design

OK, we admit this puzzle design might not be for beginners. It is a little bit on the harder side, but the results are definitely worth it. 

About the Artist

Lou Martin is a contemporary Aboriginal artist (Wiradjuri) who lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (Gubbi Gubbi country). Although Lou has been painting throughout her life, she only recently began sharing her work.

Lou feels a deep connection to the land as reflected in her pieces. Her coastal and hinterland surroundings, the people who reside there, family and community, are the inspiration for her work. Painting and creativity run through Lou's family as her work connects her to generations past. Lou has a contemporary approach to traditional dot painting and a passion for colour to bring her stories to life.

  1. 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Australia 

Best Australia Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a wonderful family puzzle and unlike the previous puzzle, it’s nice and easy! Featuring all of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, animals, flora and fauna, I think we are allowed to say that this 1000 Piece Jigsaw puzzle is both fun and educational - don’t tell the kids!

About the Artist
Miranda Sofroniou is an Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer from London, currently working and living in Melbourne, Australia. Her approach to design is organic; mixing painterly strokes with fine detail to create whimsical worlds and playful designs celebrating colour and pattern. 

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