Top Lockdown Activities. Spoiler - Puzzles no.1 activity!

If you haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle or taken up a new hobby, do you even know what lockdown is?

Since many of you Australians (and around the world) are still stuck in lockdown, unfortunately, it’s not too late to give you our top picks of activities to keep you busy.  And be it puzzles, diamond painting, games or pottery kits, Journey Of Something is here to get you on your “I started a new hobby during Corona” journey….. but in a stylish way. Designer puzzles, games and kits only around here folks!

So here are our top things to do while housebound:

  1. Of course, you know what our absolute top pick is! What else would it be!? The thing that keeps both the hands and brain busy, the answer to all your boredom woes its’s *drumroll please*…. JIGSAW PUZZLES. Now if you are not a puzzle person, do not be intimated. If you’re new to puzzling, just start easy with a 500 piece puzzle. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to tackle the big guns and move on to a 1000 piece puzzle. We believe in the jigsaw puzzling abilities of all of mankind. In fact, we think jigsaw puzzle completing should be taught in schools.

    Then, reward your puzzle completing work, by framing that jigsaw puzzle. Because we all know, that as well as starting a new hobby, you are also meant to redecorate your house during a lockdown. Designer jigsaw puzzles conveniently provide the answer to both! Check out our Insta for some framing inspo. 
  1. SPARKLE ART a.k.a. DIAMOND ART a.k.a DIAMOND PAINTING! If you find the idea of doing a jigsaw puzzle a little daunting, this is actually an easier option. There’s a little less brain work involved with diamond painting then there is with completing a jigsaw puzzle. And just like our puzzles, our sparkle art is made especially for framing. Ticks both boxes – new hobby and redecorating house.

    Sparkle art, like puzzling is super meditative and relaxing. Especially when you’ve got a serious dose of the Corona anxiety (we’ve all been there).
  1. Good, old fashioned, PLAYING CARDS. Remember how, as a kid, you would play card games for hours? Well now is the time to rekindle your love for all those old school games; rummy? Spit? Go fish? Snap? You’re never too old for a good old-fashioned card game. But wait, you didn’t think we were going to make you play with any old playing cards did you? That obviously would not be our style. So we have conveniently provided the utmost of cool, artist designed playing cards for your enjoyment. Playing cards designed by the iconic Madeleine Stamer, or Hong Kong‘s most iconic basketball court, Choi Hung Estate, photographed by the Insta famous, Victor Cheng.
    Designer Playing Cards
  2. Number four, you are never too old for Guess who! So, what’s your jam; Guess the Musician who died before their time? Guess the Politician? Guess the Feline? Guess the Doggy? There’s a Guess Who to suit you all. 
  3. Another break out star of ‘Corona lockdown activities’ is Pottery Kits. No longer is making ceramics being left to the professional potters amongst us. Thanks to Corona we are all ceramicist. So get your pottery kit here and make a mug or bowl to show your Insta friends that you too know how to do lockdown!
  4. Get to know your lockdown companions better with a friendly game of charades, but not as you know it. Act out different crazy, scenarios using the Fool No prior acting skills required, just be the fool you know you are.

We hope some of these things can keep you busy. And that your love for puzzles extends way beyond the final piece. Stay safe everyone xx

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