What to Do with a jigsaw puzzle once you have finished it

Have you spent hours slaving away at your 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and now you don’t have the heart to break it up? So what do you do with a jigsaw puzzle once it is completed? Well, we consulted Reddit (the world’s biggest online discussion platform) on what are their users’ most ingenuous ideas for what to do with completed jigsaw puzzles.

Whether you have slammed out a mini jigsaw puzzle or laboured over a giant jigsaw, here are the top ideas:

  1. Frame Your Jigsaw Puzzle. Well, it’s no surprise to Journey of Something fans, that this is by far our number one suggestion. Ignore the haters. It is absolutely, 100% not tacky to hang a framed jigsaw puzzle on your wall. In fact, framing and hanging jigsaw puzzles is cool! For the tools necessary to frame a jigsaw puzzle go to the accessories page of the Journey of Something website here. For instructions on how to frame a jigsaw puzzle see here. Don’t forget your Mod Podge puzzle glue!

How to Frame and Hang a Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. If you have run out of jigsaw puzzle wall space *cough, cough* (that’s us) then start a digital gallery. Take a photo of your completed puzzle and make it your screen saver until the next jigsaw puzzle comes along. If you are really taking your jigsaw puzzle hobby seriously, start an Instagram account for pictures of your completed puzzles and join the jigsaw puzzler Instagram community. Just the coolest people on the planet.
  2. Here’s a thought, use a picture of your completed jigsaw puzzle as your Tinder profile. You will be sure to attract the best kind of people – intelligent people who love to puzzle! Because puzzles are good for your brain, duh.
  3. Here’s one for the Gen Zs out there. Once you have completed your jigsaw puzzle, it is perfect for taking apart piece by piece and making a super cool time lapse video for your Tiktok or Insta. Then you can enjoy your completed jigsaw puzzle time and time again! #puzzletimelapse #cool
  4. Do you have a glass coffee table? Once of our favourite things to do with a completed jigsaw puzzle is to slide it between the glass and the wood of a coffee table. Voila, you have a new coffee table. Switch it out with the next jigsaw puzzle you complete.
  5. Break your jigsaw puzzle up and pass it on or swap it. Share the love. Jigsaw puzzles make the best and most thoughtful gifts for people of all ages. And who says, a gift has to be brand new, especially when it’s for no particular occasion.
  6. A PUZZY PARTY! In order to successfully execute a Puzzy Party it is important that your jigsaw puzzle is completed first. So well done, the first step is complete. Now break your completed puzzle into 4 or 6 even pieces (depending how many people are attending your Puzzy Party). Break up each section of pieces into a separate bag. Now you’re ready for a puzzy party. Give each team a bag of pieces and race to see who can complete their section of the jigsaw puzzle puzzle first. Then bring all the sections together at the end to create your completed jigsaw puzzle. What is the best Journey of Something puzzle for a Puzzy Party you ask? That’s easy, it’s Edition K for the win every time. Try it and see why.

Got any other great ideas of what to do with a jigsaw puzzle once it is complete? Let us know!?


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