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Glitter Puzzles have arrived and we are pretty chuffed. Because Glitter makes everything better!

The pictures do not do these beauties justice and they are very much ‘glitterier’ in real life. There is glitter in the puzzle pieces and the jigsaw puzzle box.

Sparkle Jigsaw Puzzles are stunning and we can’t stop!

We have 3 Sparkle Puzzles designs for you to choose from:

1000 Piece Glitter Jigsaw Puzzle – Journey Home

For those who love Australian Indigenous Art Puzzles, we just had to add glitter to this stunning puzzle by Emma Stenhouse. Emma is a proud Australian Indigenous woman whose work we are thrilled to support.

Aboriginal Art Puzzle

1000 Piece Glitter Jigsaw Puzzle – Gold Urn

We have been wanting to create a puzzle out of Kate Jamieson’s work for the longest time. So we were thrilled when she agreed to let turn Gold Urn into a Sparkle Puzzle.

Glitter Jigsaw Puzzle

1000 Piece Glitter Jigsaw Puzzle – Laguna

“Ok, this one if my favourite. Probably one of my favourite Journey of Something puzzles ever.” Direct quote from Nicola, Journey of Something owner.

Glitter Puzzle | 1000 Piece Puzzle

How to seal a Glitter Puzzle

We have been getting a lot of people asking if they can seal their glitter puzzle with Modge Podge Puzzle Saver or Modge Podge Gloss. The answer is yes, you can definitely seal your Glitter Jigsaw Puzzle. Both Modge Podge Puzzle Save and Modge Podge Gloss dry clear so they can be used on almost anything and you glitter will still sparkle through.

Modge Podge Sealant

How to frame a Glitter Puzzle

There has never been puzzles more designed for framing then glitter puzzles. You frame them as you would any of our 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. You can purchase a frame here – they are the correct size for Glitter Puzzles. Then follow these easy instructions on how to frame your Glitter Puzzle.

Glitter Puzzle Gifting Made Easy

For the absolute ultimate gift try our Glitter Puzzle lover bundle found here. It includes a Glitter Puzzle (or any 1000 piece puzzle of your choose), a perfect frame for your Glitter puzzle and Modge Podge Puzzle Saver Glue. Everything you need to create your own stunning home decor!

Which is your favourite Sparkle Puzzle? 

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