Inspirational Fathers Day Gifts

Need some inspo for some great Father's Day gifts!? 

We have you covered for Father's Day here at Journey of Something. Even if dad isn't into jigsaw puzzles, we have plenty of other games and kits to keep him occupied. 

And let's face it, we all know Father's Day is about buying dad gifts that are thinly veiled as 'for him', but really they are for the kids/ rest of the family. Well, "pretend it's for dad presents" are our speciality here at Journey of Something. We have puzzles and games for the whole family cleverly disguised as dad gifts. 

So here's our top pick of presents for the ultimate 'dad': 

Jigsaw Puzzles (for Dad)

For the Puzzle loving dad we have the perfect man puzzles. If dad is an experienced puzzler go with an 1000 piece puzzle. For dad's that are new to puzzling we also have the ultimate 500 piece man puzzle. Again, we hate to sound like a broken record, but these can really be enjoyed by the whole family. 

1000 Piece Puzzle - Hey Man

This puzzle features 8 iconic men who have done great things. This jigsaw puzzle is super fun to complete because it is like doing 8 mini puzzles. As far as 1000 piece puzzles go, it is probably an easy one. 

1000 Piece Puzzle - Hey Man
1000 Piece Puzzle - Waterpark 
Because dad's love their drones. This puzzle features an epic drone shot of a waterpark in Asia. This jigsaw puzzle is a little trickier than Hey Man but still a joy to complete. 
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Drone Shot - waterpark
1000 Piece Puzzle - Upside Downtown
We reckon this puzzle is for the Cool Dads out there. Designed by a cool man himself, Phi Do. If dad is into design and style, this is the jigsaw puzzle for him. 
Designer Jigsaw Puzzle - Artist Designed Puzzle
1000 Piece Puzzle - Three Quarter Latte
This is the puzzle for the coffee loving dads of the world. Because coffee is important - and so are puzzles. 
1000 Piece Coffee Jigsaw Puzzle
500 Piece Puzzle - Man Cave 
Show us a more dad jigsaw puzzle then this one!? Our Man Cave puzzle features everything that dad's dreams are made off and we mean EVERYTHING! Think barbeques, home brew golf and bike riding. We have literally taken Father's Day and Jigsaw Puzzles and combined them. You're Welcome! 
500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Man Cave
500 Piece Puzzle - Memory Lane
Dad's born in the 70's or 80's will love this one. This is a great jigsaw puzzle to complete with the kids and show them what toys used to be like (before Nintendo Wii and iPads). Ahh, the good old days. 
500 Piece Puzzle - Memory Lane
Adult Games for Dad
Ok we get it, not every dad is into jigsaw puzzles... GASP! Just tell him, we think men who puzzle are really sexy... but that's another story. 
So here are our top pick of games for adults that we think dad will love. 

The Guess Who Games
Is dad into classic music, politics or dogs? Play Guess the Musician, Guess the Politician, Guess the Doggy or Guess the Feline. 
See the full range of Our Guess Who games here
Adult Game - Guess the PoliticianGuess the Musician
Yatzy is such a great family game. It's one of those games that is actually fun to play with your kids and we are sure that they are learning a little bit of maths at the same time. Well, it involves numbers doesn't it? As an added bonus, our Yatzy kit looks pretty stylish so no need to hide it away in the cupboard. 
Adult Game - Yatzy
Playing Cards
Is dad into basketball, poker, gin rummy? How about a pack of designer playing cards featuring one of the world's most iconic basketball courts? 
Designer Playing Cards

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