The Australia Puzzles

Excuse me, but they are 'Designer Puzzles'!

So, we know Australian puzzles are your favourites (they are ours too). So here is the run down of our favourite Australian themed puzzles and the awesome artists who created them. These amazing artists are the reason we get to call ourselves Designer Puzzles. 

1000 Piece Puzzle - Australia 

Starting of course with our greatest ode to Australia - the 1000 Piece Puzzle very aptly entitled "Australia". 

Jigsaw Puzzle Australia


"Australia" is by Artist Miranda Sofroniou, Miranda's whimsical works can be found in the all the coolest places. Miranda says "Experimenting with traditional drawing and painting techniques my illustrations are inspired by a love of travel, nature, colour and pattern. I strive to create images which evoke a sense of exploration and wonder."

1000 Piece Puzzle - Bugabulla

When we saw the colours in Mulganai, aka Emma Hollingsworth's, work we just knew we had to work with her. This puzzle is an absolute joy to put together. 

1000 pieces puzzles Australia

Emma says, "From a young age, I knew I wanted to be an artist. My mother said before I could even walk, I was drawing on just about anything I could find- including the walls, and when I came of age, I began taking it more seriously. It took me a few years to learn and develop my own style, but I did whatever I could to paint and learn more about my culture.

I grew up travelling Australia with my family and visiting many Aboriginal communities and a lot of my works today reflect all that I have seen and experienced. My parents were both Aboriginal pastors, so growing up was an adventure, as we constantly moved and travelled to places all across Australia doing missionary work in Aboriginal communities.
I find inspiration from my aunties and uncles who are also heavily involved in the arts and cultural sector in Australia.
I also grew up visiting the local Aboriginal Art Gallery in the town of Lockhart which is where some of my mob is from. A few of the mob regularly display their works there; such as the Omeenyo's, the Accoom's and the Pascoe's. Seeing these beautiful artworks at a young age really inspired me to follow in their footsteps."

1000 Piece Puzzle - It's Good to be Home 

Featuring one of of Australia's most beautiful and iconic flowers - the protea. And of course some gumnuts for good measure. This puzzle is perfect for framing. 

Art Puzzles Australia - Leah Bartholomew
Leah Bartholomew is the master of Australian flora and fauna and we are very lucky to have her work grace one of our puzzles. 
Leah artworks are an abstract representation of the beauty found in the landscape and life of her local environment. Her optimistic, colourful artworks are a response to her daily interactions with her local base, Coolangatta, QLD.
This puzzle is a special one to us, as it's our only round and collage based puzzle. We love collage as an artform!
Round Australia Jigsaw Puzzle
Learn more about the artist, Maximillian Malone in his Design Files feature. And yes, that is his real and very cool name!
Designer Puzzles are of course made for framing. Show of your hard work and the beautiful puzzle art. 
Tell us which Aussie artists you would like to see on our puzzles? 

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